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EV Charging in the workshop of the future

zappi ev charger tufflift car hoist

Tufflift partners with myenergi to offer fast, integrated charging on vehicle hoists

We’re delighted to be partnering with Tufflift Hoists Australia who from today will offer the Zappi EV charger as an integrated option on all of their commercial grade vehicle hoists.

The Myenergi ecosystem empowers residential and commercial customers to monitor and manage energy usage and optimise charging of electric vehicles via an intuitive portal and app. Crucial to this setup is the integration with Tufflift hoists such that no additional power supply is required, as the charge rate is adjusted to dynamically match power supply of the premises. So sensitive is the setup that the Zappi will adjust the charge rate as power tools and hoists are used in the workshop. This will save thousands of dollars in supply upgrade costs for workshops right across the country making this solution affordable for businesses of all sizes.


Customers can expect their car returned both professionally repaired and fully charged

David Potter, the director of Tufflift said “Tufflift is very excited to release this new EV charge station in partnership with Myenergi, and to be able to offer it to our Tufflift customers.”

Both teams have worked hard to make sure the solution integrates perfectly with the hoists and is both easy and safe to use. This now means that any Automotive workshops or Smash repair workshops, can safely, reliably and quickly charge a customer’s vehicle while it is being repaired and even if it’s in the air on a hoist.

Mobile pedestal option available

We also have a pedestal mounted unit if our customers prefer dedicated charging bays. For the consumer, it means they can have the confidence that if they send their EV to a Tufflift equipped workshop, their car will invariably be returned to them fully charged. Myenergi, Tufflift Hoist Australia and The Sheen Group collaborated to install a prototype into a Sheen Group facility.

Training instrumental to the EV transition

Russ Shepherd, MD of Myenergi APAC, said “This makes total sense to us! As an EV owner, why visit a workshop that doesn’t have chargers installed? Crucial to this project was the training both Tufflift installers and The Sheen Group staff received from our integration partners at EVUp. All parties clearly understand the value of our products and customer satisfaction which is so important when representing our brand. Our team worked diligently with EVUp to tailor the training programme to meet team member needs and support all parties during the development and ultimately the launch. We’re looking forward to seeing many more EV drivers experience the fully charged treatment from Tufflift equipped workshops in the future.