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Is battery storage worth it?

Yes. There are many benefits to having a battery storage system, like libbi, in your home. Whether you’re worried about not producing enough solar energy with your home solar panels and having to rely on the grid or you’re concerned about having power during blackouts.

It’s a common misconception that battery storage is only beneficial for those who are producing their energy at home with wind or solar power. Whether you are generating your power or taking it from the grid, you could massively benefit from having a home battery storage system.

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Why do I need a battery storage system?

There are many benefits to having a battery storage system. Whether you’re worried about having to rely on energy from the grid from an environmental or financial point of view or if you live in an area which experiences regular blackouts and you don’t want to be left without power.

With the rising cost of energy, installing a battery storage system and using it in conjunction with a flexible tariff means you could save money in the long run. By charging your battery during cheaper parts of the day (usually whilst you’re sleeping) you could run your home during more expensive parts from your battery.

If your home is equipped with solar panels, then not only could you be continuing to save money but you’d also be ensuring that the power you are using is coming from sustainable sources. This is the same if you’re producing your own energy from wind or other renewable sources.

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Is a battery storage system necessary if I have solar panels?

You know how unpredictable the weather in Ireland can be. We don’t have the same amount of sunlight available as someone who might be living in a more tropical climate. Because of this, your solar panels might not always be able to generate enough energy for your needs.

That being said, on the days where you are generating more energy than usual you might not want to be sending this back to the grid. You also don’t want to be reliant on the grid on those days when you haven’t generated quite enough energy.

With a battery storage system, like libbi, you’re able to store your excess electricity and use it to keep you topped up on those cold and miserable winter days or even just overnight. Ensuring you have the right-sized battery storage system for your home, could mean you won’t have to rely on energy from the grid in the future.

If you want to know more about how solar panels work with battery storage, you can read about it here.

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What are the benefits of a battery storage system?

There is a long list of benefits including lowering your carbon footprint and long-term financial savings from choosing to use a battery storage system in your home. We have tried to put all of these benefits into three categories.

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By choosing to use a battery storage system, you will be able to store energy that is currently not being used in your home to use at other times. This is especially true if you are generating your own renewable energy.

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Peace of mind

You won’t have to worry about running out of electricity when it matters most. You can choose to have  wired into your home in such a was as to ensure you have power even when those around you don’t.

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Either by storing excess power you’re generating from solar panels or by storing power during cheaper times on your tariff. With an eco-smart battery storage system, like libbi, you could be saving even more money.

Introducing libbi

There are so many amazing things that make libbi the best battery storage system on the market. From the ability to control libbi using the myenergi app on your phone from anywhere in the world, to the fact that libbi is eco smart and will learn how best to charge and discharge power to keep your home running,

Thanks to libbi’s modular design, you can also customise how much battery storage you have based on the needs of your home. Whether you’ve already invested in solar panels or your considering it in the future, libbi can be installed before, after or even during your solar panel installation process.

A single 5kWh libbi module can hold enough power to light a 3-bedroom home for 144 hours or watch TV for 89 continuous hours. All from a single full charge, giving you the peace of mind to know that you’re making the most of your excess solar energy.

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