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How much battery storage do I need?

As we all start to feel the pinch of the rising cost of living crisis, it’s safe to say that trying to find more affordable ways to provide energy to your home is a top priority. With that in mind, many are now considering home battery storage systems which can store energy for you to use in your home.

Whether you have solar panels or not, a battery storage system is an ideal investment for your home to save you money on your energy bills. To find out more information about libbi, here you can read all about libbi battery storage.

Meet libbi

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Battery storage without solar panels.

Many energy providers offer flexible tariffs where the cost of energy is cheaper at off-peak times, often referred to as time-of-use-tarrifs. This might be appealing if you work unconventional shift patterns or for setting your washing machine to spin whilst you’re asleep. However, the majority of us would like to watch TV and make a cup of tea during peak times.

This is where a battery storage system, like libbi, comes in handy. By charging the battery during off-peak times, you can then use this stored electricity during peak times to keep your costs down. If you work from home, this could save you hundreds of euros over the year.

By choosing libbi, you can monitor and control your battery storage system using the myenergi app on your smartphone or tablet meaning you’re always in control. If you choose to make the switch to solar panels in the future, libbi can be easily integrated as both a solar battery storage system and a solar inverter saving you more money if you choose to make the switch.

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Battery storage systems with solar panels.

When it comes to using battery storage with solar panels, that is when you’re really going to see the benefit and money-saving capabilities of libbi. By storing excess solar energy when your panels are generating more than you need, libbi can store this meaning you won’t need to rely on the grid during the evenings or particularly on rainy days.

Usually, if your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, you would send this back to the grid. This is great for providing sustainable energy for your neighbours but not so great when you then have to spend more money on electricity during times when your panels aren’t producing enough. Utilising a battery storage system will ensure this doesn’t happen and you can be confident that your home is utilising as much renewable energy as possible.

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What is libbi?

libbi is a modular battery storage system which can work with both solar panels and grid energy as well as wind power generation sources. By offering modular options starting at 5kWh, libbi can grow with you ensuring you always have the right amount of storage that you need.

In the event of a power outage, libbi can provide electricity to a dedicated circuit or socket that’s connected to the libbi backup output. This means you can still have access to some electricity when the rest of your street is in darkness.

Although there are many benefits to libbi, what makes it stand out from the crowd is how adaptable it is. From the modular design to its ability to integrate with a wide range of power sources, libbi is the ideal battery storage system for any home.



Fully Modular Storage

With a fully modular design, libbi is designed to suit your needs.

Each module is 5kWh and can be combined up to 20kWh.

Seamless Integration

Not only will libbi provide the energy for your home, but it can also be seamlessly integrated will of the myenergi solutions for a more cost effective and eco-friendly home.

Use libbi with zappi to charge your electric vehicle or even with eddi to heat your water.

Grid or Green

Whether you choose to make the most out of the excess solar energy from your pannels or use a time-of-use-tarrif to charge from the grid, libbi has got you covered.

We will help you to ensure you’re getting the most out of libbi possible.

Simple Remote Access

Going on holiday? With the myenergi app you can control libbi from anywhere in the world straight from your smartphone.

With live displays and graphs all in one place, you can keep a close eye on your energy storage with libbi at all times.

How much battery storage will I need?

This will depend on a range of different variables including your current energy usage, your plans for the future, your home’s power needs and your budget. That being said, just one libbi 5kWh battery storage module is enough to allow you to watch TV for 89 continuous hours or provide lighting to an average 3-bedroom home for 144 hours.

Although we don’t recommend trying to watch TV for 89 hours straight without a break, just think about what else that could mean for your home. Considering that, on average, one hour of TV is the same as boiling the kettle 48 times – think of all of the cups of tea libbi could provide you with on a single full charge.

Regardless of how many modules you choose for your home, libbi comes with a 10-year warranty as well as having our expert technicians on hand to answer any of your questions or queries. Using the myenergi app, you can monitor the health of your libbi at all times.

If you want to know exactly how much battery storage your home will need, get in touch with our experts today.

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