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zappi electric car charger horizontal image | myenergi Ireland

The EV charger leading the drive in Ireland

zappi Designed for convenience. Not compromise. Buy zappi


EV charger in use on a home | myenergi Ireland

Smart EV charger

Looking to charge your electric car in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way?

Get ready to revolutionise the way you charge your electric car with zappi – the smart EV charger that is setting the bar higher! Whether you have solar panels or not, zappi is the perfect solution for your charging needs and it’s available today!

What sets zappi apart from other car chargers is its unique features and benefits. With optional charging modes that use 100% green energy generated from your own home Solar PV system or wind generation, you can power up your electric car without any impact on the environment. And the best part? Using your own power generation increases the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car, which means you can save big time on charging costs!

And if you don’t have solar panels installed, no worries – zappi can still operate as a standard car charger that harnesses power from the grid. Plus, installation is easy and user-friendly, so you can enjoy all the benefits of zappi without any hassle.




SEAI approved EV charger Ireland

myenergi Ireland is SEAI registered, meaning all zappi’s purchased can be claimed with the SEAI grant scheme. This government backed scheme will allow you to claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle home charger unit.

Request information More about SEAI


Charge into the future with zappi

With zappi, you’ll be future-fit for tomorrow. As the world shifts towards sustainable living, investing in zappi is an investment in the future. It’s an exciting time for the world of electric cars, and zappi is leading the charge towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

So don’t wait any longer to join the revolution. Order your zappi today and start charging your electric car in a way that’s not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. Your future self (and wallet) will thank you!

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Building an electric car charger motherboard vertical image | myenergi Ireland

Ireland’s #1 electric car charger

Industry leading, EV charger Ireland

As the pioneers of the first-ever solar car charger, our innovative team has meticulously crafted an electric car charging experience that puts you in the driver’s seat. With features designed for optimal control, the zappi charger, paired with the myenergi app, empowers you to set timers that utilize economy tariffs with our electricity provider, activate the boost function, monitor your devices, and so much more.

Rest assured, this future-proof, intelligent electric car charger was not only conceived but also evolved and manufactured in-house, ensuring quality and reliability that you can trust.

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Giving you more control

More choice. More control. Meet OCPP.

zappi is now OCPP supported as standard. This means you can connect to an OCPP compatible platform, which allows you to control and manage your charging experience.

What is OCPP

OCPP is a standardised form of communication for EV charging infrastructure, regardless of manufacturer. It was created to allow compatibility between EV chargers and management software to enable greater convenience and choice for consumers.


What are the benefits

OCPP offers 4 key benefits to zappi users, which differ slightly depending on whether you have a single zappi at home or use multiple zappis in a business setting:




Choose the default charging mode (Fast, Eco, Eco+) when they plug in.


Connect to an OCPP compatible platform.


Control who can use your zappi via PIN code access.

Keep track

Keep track of who charged, when and how much – ideal for logging business mileage.

The Next Steps

Do I need to pay or upgrade?

OCPP is a free, open source protocol – you simply need to update the firmware on your zappi to ensure it’s available to you.

Unsure how to upgrade?

If you’ve never upgraded your zappi before and unsure how to, you find plenty of guides on all our products in our Guides & Help section

View our guides
An EV charger plugged in | myenergi ireland

#1 solar EV charger Ireland

You don’t need solar panels for zappi to work, it can also power 100% from the grid

Be future ready with the zappi home car charger.

Three electric car charging modes

zappi understands that your electric car charging needs are as unique as you are. That’s why we’ve designed a charger that’s tailor-made to suit your lifestyle and demands. Whether you’re looking for a quick boost to get you on the road in a hurry, or you’re committed to charging up exclusively with 100% renewable energy, zappi gives you the flexibility and freedom to charge on your own terms.

With zappi, you’re in control of your charging experience, ensuring that your electric car is always charged and ready to take you wherever your journey leads.





With zappi’s eco charge mode, you can have the best of both worlds – green energy and affordable charging. By using a combination of renewable energy and grid power, you can minimize your reliance on traditional energy sources while enjoying the cost savings of off-peak electricity rates.

But that’s not all – zappi’s eco mode is designed to intelligently adjust your charging power in real-time, responding to changes in generation or power usage in your home. And when your solar panels or wind turbines generate more power than you need, zappi will automatically divert the surplus energy to charge your car – giving you the ability to power up for free!

Even if your energy generation falls below the threshold, zappi will ensure that your car is charged and ready to go by drawing the necessary power from the grid. With zappi, you can take control of your charging experience, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money – all at the same time.





Take control of your electric car charging experience with eco+. This innovative charging mode is designed to minimise energy consumption and maximise cost savings. Like eco charging, eco+ can draw power from the grid or your own power source. But what sets it apart is its intelligent power management system that adjusts the charging power in real-time based on changes in energy generation or consumption in your home. With eco+, your electric car charging will automatically pause when there is too much imported power, and resume only when there is surplus free power available. Experience the ultimate in eco-friendly and cost-effective charging with eco+!



Get ready for a speedy and powerful charging experience with zappi’s fast mode. Whether you’re using renewable energy or power from the grid, your electric vehicle will be charged at maximum power. However, the cost of charging will depend on various factors, including the charging mode you choose and your car’s energy requirements.

And don’t worry, even if you haven’t installed solar panels or wind generation, zappi still has you covered with its ability to charge just like an ordinary Mode 3 charging point. With zappi, you have the flexibility to charge your car the way you want, at a speed that suits your lifestyle.








Set timers

At certain hours ‘time of use energy tariffs’ are significantly cheaper. With zappi, you can use the ‘boost timer’ option to start charging at times with the lowest rates. It’s a cost-saving charging alarm clock for your electric car!





No earth rod

zappi is the only electric car charger with built-in PEN fault technology. It’s the safest choice for an electric car charger, eliminating the need to install additional earth rods means no extra costs & an easy install.





PV charging

zappi works in harmony with your Solar PV or wind generation, meaning you can charge your car using green energy for free. If you haven’t got a renewable energy source at home, zappi works just like any other charger in ‘fast mode’.





Remote access

The myenergi app allows you to access and control your devices from anywhere in the world! Visual graphs allow you to monitor your import/export information all in one place.





Pincode protected

A 5 digit pin code is a security feature integrated into this smart electric car charging point, should you wish to use it. It prevents people from changing your settings or using your solar car charger without permission or tampering.





Car charger installation | myenergi Ireland

The EV charger that comes with a 3 year warranty

Not only do we offer top-notch technical support to address any questions or concerns you may have, but zappi also comes with a 3-year warranty. You can rest assured knowing that your myenergi zappi is protected against any unforeseen issues. To fully take advantage of this 3-year warranty support, simply register your individual product once it has been installed..

Explore zappi options





Charging an EV with zappi | myenergi Ireland

Use your power

zappi utilises your self generated power for EV charging

Harness the power of the sun with zappi, the revolutionary solar car charger that puts free miles at your fingertips! By tapping into the excess solar energy generated by your PV panels, zappi allows you to charge your electric car without costing you a single penny.

Solar energy is harnessed through the magic of photons – the fundamental particles of light that are constantly in motion. With zappi, these photons are converted into electricity to charge your electric vehicle, thanks to the cutting-edge technology of our eco smart system.

But that’s not all – zappi also helps you save on your energy bills by optimizing energy usage based on your self-generated power and energy tariff. And with our 3-year warranty and excellent technical support team, you can rest assured that your zappi will continue to power your car and your life for years to come.

Safety is of paramount importance. Every myenergi product is engineered to the highest standards possible in terms of energy efficiency, but we place equal importance on safety.

Whilst we adhere to all industry safety standards, we are always looking to provide the safest experience possible for our installers and users. That’s why we were the first to introduce the PEN fault testing ahead of every other manufacturer.





Installing zappi | myenergi Ireland

Charging your vehicle safely

Our commitment to innovation efficiency and safety in energy products

At myenergi, we understand that safety is not just important, it’s paramount. We go above and beyond industry safety standards to engineer every product to the highest levels of efficiency and safety possible.

As part of our commitment to safety, we were the first manufacturer to introduce the PEN fault testing, ensuring a safe and reliable installation for both our installers and users. We believe that you should never have to compromise on safety when it comes to your energy needs, and that’s why we make it our top priority.




Types of car charger explained





Type 1 electric car charging is a 5-pin design that comes with a tether to prevent it from being pulled out of the charging port. This type of charging point is the dominant variation in Asian, Japanese and American markets. It is less commonly seen in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe. Type 1 chargers only adds about 4 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH), depending on the car’s make and model. So it often referred to as slow or emergency charging in Ireland. A Type 1 charger is commonly misdescribed as the standard 3-pin sockets we have everywhere in Ireland, this is a 3-Pin charger, not a Type 1 electric car charger





The Type 2 car charger is typical of most chargers found in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe. Type 2 models are known as such for their 7-pin design don’t have these latches. Instead to hold them securely to the vehicles, they utilise a locking pin that locates and secures the plug in place. This type of charger will provide your electric car with about 25 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH), but can also offer different charging speeds for example eco or fast.





The myenergi app | myenergi Ireland

Manage & monitor your energy usage

Every myenergi device is designed to be connected. This means you can monitor everything in one place from the myenergi app as well as adjust settings, timers and boost functions as required. Control your myenergi devices 24/7 from anywhere with the myenergi app






Check out our EV charger FAQ’s





Yes, you can use your zappi car charger to charge your car without solar. It will simply take power from the grid and charge your car like a conventional electric car charger. With the added benefit of being ready for solar charging if you were to get PV in the future!





Following an initial investment in green technology, going green in the long run does save you on your bills.

Learn more





This depends on the size of the vehicle battery in kWh and the rate of the charge in kW. Based on an average 54kWh battery, a 50kW public charger would take around 64 minutes to achieve a full 100% charge, whereas a typical 7kW home charger would take around 7hrs 42 minutes.

Find out more about the details behind how long it takes to charge an electric car >>





The time it takes to charge your EV using solar panels depends on a number of factors. For example, the number of solar panels in use. On average a single panel will generate around 9kWh so if you have multiple panels, the power generated will increase.

Find out more about the details behind how long it takes to charge an electric car with solar panels >>




The cost of charging your EV varies depending on a number of factors. If using solar panels, you can charge you EV for free! However if you are paying for an EV charger at a service station for example, they will dictate their own rate depending on the fluctuating costs of energy at the time. At home, you can benefit from cheaper charging if plugging your electric car in at night compared with during the day, and you can also select different charging modes which will change the cost. You can find out more about this and base line calculations in our guide how much does it cost to charge an electric car?





Based on 54kWh, the average cost to fully charge an electric car from empty to full is around €9.10 whilst the average monthly cost to keep an EV charged would be around €36.00. This data is based on fully charging your EV once per week at home. Another advantage is that EV’s are also exempt from paying Road Tax and are significantly cheaper to maintain.

Read our full guide about the cost of charging an electric car >>





Vehicle range is the estimated distance that your vehicle can travel on a single charge. In terms of electric vehicles, this refers to the amount of charge left in the vehicle battery at any given time. This is often displayed on a vehicle dashboard as either a percentage or miles/KM remaining. A vehicle’s actual range depends on many fluctuating factors, such as the environment and your personal driving and charging habits.

See how far your EV can go in our handy guide >>





Our zappi is for sale with two different connectors: Type 1 and Type 2. This means that almost every EV is compatible and can be loaded with zappi.

Explore the ever-growing EV compatible list >>





There are two main types of EV charging station: fast charging for homes, and rapid charging for public chargers. Most home electric car chargers use AC charging: however when rapid charging is required – for instance, at motorway service stations – DC charging is typically used as it is quicker.

We are seeing a rapid increase in the number of charging stations in Irish workplaces – particularly from companies that have electric fleets. Charging at work is becoming an increasingly popular facility – and many businesses are utilising the government’s Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), which is a voucher-based option that provides financial incentives for installing EV chargers.

Understand more about getting your electric car charger installed >>



Legal Information

Using OCPP requires an internet connection and myenergi myaccount.

zappi supports OCPP 1.6J via a cloud-cloud solution, for a full list of supported messages and commands please click here.

We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure compatibility with Third Party Product OCPP platforms, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with Third Party Products.

Update only available to zappi with WiFi (2.1)