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libbi tell me more

Welcome to the next step in the puzzle towards energy independence.

So that we can best serve your requirements, we need some additional information to connect you to our growing network of libbi installers.

Due to the technical nature of battery installation, the more information you provide here, the clearer the installation process will be, and may negate the need for further questions, ultimately making the quotation process quicker and easier.

Tell us more about your project 

Tell us about the battery 

Installation questions

This part of the questionnaire is to better understand the installation process, location and positioning of the battery to assist the installer, in presenting you an accurate quote to install. The more information you can provide here, the easier and quicker it will be for our network of installers to quote upon.

This section ideally requires you to be at the property, and we’d recommend a tape measure, camera phone, notepad, and pen.

If you’d like to proceed with the next section right away click ‘Yes, proceed’ . If you’d like to submit the form now and complete the installation details on a later date, click, ‘Complete form’