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Renewable Energy For Kids: Homeschool Learning Resources

renewable energy for kids | home schooling resource

For thousands of parents throughout the UK, the kitchen, living room or home study has quickly become the classroom, with the spread of COVID-19 causing the closure of schools and the need for homeschooling.

Each day presents new, increasingly concerning developments regarding the spread of coronavirus, resulting in anyone but those classed as key workers to self-isolate at home. This means that, as parents, we are now responsible for educating our children and making renewable energy for kids accessible.

It can be incredibly difficult to explain to our children what is going on in a way that protects them from feeling scared, and in a way that keeps their mental health safe and their happiness thriving in such exceptional circumstances.

But by empowering them to see the positive effects of preventative action and the importance of protecting the vulnerable, we’re helping to raise the next generation of doctors, scientists, innovators, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs. The very people that are going to save our planet.

Now is the time to positively educate our children about looking after the environment and each other to create and pave the way for a kinder, more sustainable future.

So without further ado, here are a few of our favourite online resources about renewable energy for kids…

BBC Bitesize 

The Bitesize online resources from the BBC have a fantastically broad range of learning material for all ages. With an array of videos, quizzes, games and activities, it’s an incredibly useful, interactive resource for parents to teach young children about renewable energy.

BBC Bitesize can also be used by parents who want to help their older kids with exam revision and homework. 

The Bitesize ‘Humans and the Environment’ section covers Key Stage 2 for children between the ages of 7 to 11, and Key Stage 3 for children between the ages of 11 and 13 –  which also includes a variety of video resources. 

Bitesize covers Biology GCSE curriculums from an array of examination boards – providing plenty to do and learn even for your grumpy teenagers!

Energise Anything

E-on, one of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers, has a huge range of online resources known as the ‘Energise Anything’ series. The series encourages children from Key Stage 2 all the way through to Key Stage 4 to engage with STEM subjects through a series of workshops and activities. 

Energise Anything encourages activities such as performing plays, as well as designing and building working micro-models of renewable energy technologies. It’s a brilliant way to engage children aged 5-18 with renewable energy in a fun and easy to learn way –  through Activity Centres, workshops and interactive games that can all be done from home. 

Climate Kids

Built by NASA, the Climate Kids website is designed specifically for children to explore themselves. It has a huge range of resources – from videos and games to activities and descriptions of careers in renewable energy! 

The website is incredibly easy to navigate and full of fascinating information – tackling the big questions such as ‘What is the greenhouse effect?’ and ‘What does climate change mean?’ in easy to understand and non-frightening ways. 

Scholastic’s ‘Green Living: A Family Guide to Going Green’

From parental advice on how to talk to your children about climate change to scavenger hunts that encourage learning through observation in the garden, Scholastic’s ‘Green Living: A Family Guide to Going Green’ is an incredible resource for parents. 

Their articles are written by staff who are parents themselves, so you can be sure that all the tips, advice and activities suggested are tried and proven methods of educating our children about the planet! 

Sparki and the Journey to Earth 

The passion project of our very own co-founder Jordan Brompton, Sparki and the Journey to Earth is a magical introduction to renewable energy for children, and is perfect for storytime. 

The first book in the collection tells the tale of Sparki and Molly-Mae forming an unlikely friendship that tackles some big concepts in a fun, easy to learn and engaging way.

Come together…

By collaborating together, connecting and sharing in these difficult times, we can come through the other side into what will hopefully be a kinder world to live in for us and for our children. If you would like to find out more about renewable energy, visit our website or contact our myenergi team today.

Email us using the following addresses and we’ll call you back at the earliest possible time, as we are working remotely at present.

  • for all other enquiries. 

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