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New MG Electric Cars: Electrifying Sales Numbers

mg electric cars

MG Electric Cars: Electrifying Sales Numbers! MG are well and truly back and like never before. MG have somewhat become a mystical entity throughout the motor industry, presenting a vision of Gatsby styled class, glitz, glamour and sophistication, whilst living its second life in the fast paced, dirty and greasy world of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Like rock & roll, MG has a habit of occasionally dropping back into hibernation, leaving the world reflecting on its greatness and wondering when the next wave will arrive. Ladies & Gentlemen, that time has come.

MG Electric Cars – Grease Lightning!

MG have electrified their presence quite literally, thrusting the company right front and center in the thriving world of EV, presenting recent growth of 169% in September 2020. Better still, 1 in 2 vehicles / 50% of MG’s vehicle sales will soon be fully electric plug in models.

Their MG ZS EV has grabbed almost a third of all MG sales in the UK, with the growth of electric vehicles booming across the entire industry.

Daniel Gregorious; the companies Head of Sales & Marketing at MG Motor UK explained,

“we sold 1,176 MG ZS EVs, meaning that almost one in three of the cars we sold were zero-emissions electric cars. No other mainstream manufacturer has performed so well.”

It is certainly an exciting time for MG and the motor industry as a whole and myenergi who are driving the charge to a greener future, welcomes this news with open arms.

mg electric cars

MG, we salute you on this tremendous achievement!