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Test box

This EVSE test box can be used to test the zappi as well as other AC charge point/EVSE products.

The box signals to the zappi that an EV is connected and charging (the mode is selected with the selector switch).

475.00 inc.Vat if applicable

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1 Disconnected The EV is not connected to zappi
2 Connecter zappi is waiting for the EV to respond; the EV is not ready to accept charge
3 Charging The EV is charging, the test terminals are now live and test can start
4 Connector Selection Switch Allow to switch between the type 1 & type 2 socket
5 Type 1 Socket Use with Type 1 plug zappi
6 Type 2 Socket Use with Type 2 plug zappi
7 Test Term Connect the Electrical Tester to the respective terminals. Note: L2 & L3 terminal are only available with a 3-phase zappi using the Type 2 socket
8 Selector Switch Turn knob towards the desired mode 1, 2 or 3

6 week lead time.