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Tesla Tom on why the zappi is the best EV charger for Airbnb and holiday properties.

How can a zappi EV charger make your Airbnb stay more relaxed and comfortable?

EV blogger, Ludicrous Feed‘s Tesla Tom, talks all things zappi during his two-night stay in a gorgeous Airbnb with EV charging at Shoalhaven Heads, NSW. 

Boosting down the coast in a Tesla Model X, his 150km trip from Sydney left him ready to power up once he’d reached this idyllic holiday destination. 

The eco-friendly Airbnb was fitted with solar panels, a Tesla battery and a myenergi zappi EV charger, allowing Tom to charge his Tesla Model X using 100% green energy. 

Tesla Tom even discussed his appreciation of having on-site EV charging facilities thanks to the myenergi zappi. His wife stated that

“being in an Airbnb has one major advantage, and that’s the fact that if there is an EV charger and you’re renting the entire house, then that ev charger is definitely going to be yours.”

Let your guests truly relax by installing an EV charging station at your Airbnb and end worries over access to chargers!

Advantages of installing an EV charging station at your Airbnb

In his video, Tom highlights some key benefits of installing a zappi at your Airbnb property. Let’s recap for you. 

With pin code access, property owners can restrict the use of their zappi to ensure that only their guests are making the most of EV Charging. On top of this, Zappi can now integrate with billing platforms. Companies such as Everty ‘the Airbnb of electric cars’, have created charger management software so that you can monetise your home charger!

That’s not the only way you save. When combined with solar PV or wind turbines, the zappi will charge the car using as much green energy as possible, saving the planet as well as the Airbnb owner’s money.

Airbnb now lets you search for accommodations with EV chargers. Install a zappi EV charger at your Airbnb property today and give your guests the joy of waking up to a free, full charge, so they can head home driving on sunshine. 

Get a fully installed quote

How much does it cost to install an EV charger for Airbnb and holiday properties?

How much does it cost to install an EV charger for Airbnb and holiday properties?

The cost to install an EV charger at your Airbnb depends on lots of different factors, including whether you install a single or three-phase charger, as well as the distance of cabling required. However, the ball part figure is usually around $1k. 

You can get a fully installed quote for your property, and we’ll send out one of our talented, trusted and trained electricians to fit your electric vehicle charger so that you can charge happi with your zappi! 

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You can find out more about this blog and other information on EVs with Telsa Tom’s Ludicrous Feed. AIRBNB TESLA EV CHARGING STATION ZAPPI | CASA OLIVA SHOALHAVEN HEADS – YouTube