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myenergi partners up with Polestar

myenergi is delighted to be working with global superstar Polestar to offer selected Polestar 2 drivers the opportunity to drive on sunshine with the zappi

Get ready to go electric with their complimentary charging package worth over $2,000, and receive a Zappi smart EV charger with the purchase of a Polestar 2!

The deal launched Friday May 5th, and is available to those purchasing an in-stock Polestar 2 sedan in Standard or Long Range guise. But that’s not all Polestar is offering; they will also be providing a $3000 rebate to help all buyers, including those who fall above the current government rebate thresholds!

A number of lucky new Polestar 2 owners are already driving on sunshine after receiving their brand new zappi EV chargers.

Russell Shepherd, MD of myenergi APAC, said “We’re delighted to be offering our combined customers the complete solution (Polestar + Zappi) so new EV owners can Drive on Sunshine from day 1 of ownership” 

The $2000 voucher equips customers with the standard installation of 1 x Zappi 2 Charger (Single Phase) and a Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable 22kW.

Polestar customers are enjoying and embracing energy independence from day 1 of ownership with our awesome zappi car charger, installed nationwide across Australia.

The Zappi is the #1 best-selling solar EV Charger in Australia; but it’s more than just a charger. Carefully designed with heaps of features and functions, the zappi gives you complete control of your electric car charging experience. Polestar 2 drivers now have access to future-proof, intelligent electric car charging, allowing them to increase the Return On Investment (ROI) for their panels and electric car when paired with solar. 

Not just that, when using the myenergi app, customers will have complete control and visibility of thier energy usage from anywhere in the world!

Polestar is also offering an Evie charging voucher worth $2000 instead of the free zappi home wall box installation.