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On this page you can claim your cashback after installation. Please fill out the form as completely as possible and upload the requested photo of the serial number plate on the left side of the charging station. You can make multiple requests for different products. Each serial number can only be registered once.

After registration through this form, the device will be verified to be online, and connected to Myenergi Ltd's server within 2-3 business days. The first registration date must be within the promotion period as stated in the promotion terms.


Promotion conditions:

  1. This promotion is organized by myenergi B.V., located at Fregatweg 60, 6222NZ Maastricht, Netherlands. Myenergi BV is part of Myenergi Ltd. based in Stallingborough, United Kingdom.
  2. This promotion is valid with the purchase of an action model myenergi product (zappi v2.1) during the promotion period from March 18, 2024 to August 30, 2024. The last registration date is September 15, 2024.
  3. The following cashback amounts are valid for promotional models listed below. When an action model is purchased the installer can receive an amount on his purchase of up to 150 euros including 21% VAT.
    • For a zappi 2H22TB there is a maximum amount of 150 euros including VAT
    • For a zappi 2H22TW there is a maximum amount of 150 euros including VAT
    • For a zappi 2H22UB there is a maximum amount of 150 euros including VAT
    • For a zappi 2H22UW there is a maximum amount of 150 euros including VAT
  4. This promotion is only valid for action models purchased in the Netherlands excluding outlet models and second chance models. The item must have been initially delivered from the Maastricht warehouse of Myenergi BV, whether or not delivered through wholesale, intermediate supplier, web store or other resellers. If in doubt, the serial number can be checked in advance by contacting Myenergi BV in Maastricht.
  5. This promotion is valid only if the action model is connected via a permanent Internet connection and communicates online with Myenergi Ltd's server.
  6. This promotion is not valid in combination with other promotions of myenergi BV
  7. The return amount as mentioned in Article 3, will be refunded only to installers who have performed the installation of the product. Explicitly, end customers/consumers are excluded from this action, as well as webshops that sell their products to end customers. However, the installer who installs the device of such an end customer/consumer can in turn apply for the cashback.
  8. The installer participating in this action must install the device according to the applicable rules and regulations of the respective country. 
  9. The installer is already a certified installer for the product in question with Myenergi BV or is willing to become a certified installer, attend a training by Myenergi BV, or use course material to still become a certified installer.
  10. Myenergi BV is not responsible for the availability of the action models at the stores and web shops of affiliated dealers/installers and at the sales channels of Myenergi BV itself. If within the action period the action models are not in stock, there is no possibility to participate in this action later. Also in case of general shortage of supply of Myenergi BV of the action models during the action period, there is no possibility to participate in the action after the action period.
  11. Personal data are processed by Myenergi BV and auxiliary persons engaged by it exclusively for action registrations, the handling of sales, and fraud research and prevention. These data will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be used for advertising purposes without your consent.
  12. Myenergi BV reserves at all times the right to investigate submitted (personal) data, documents and attachments for abuse and fraud. When abuse or fraud is suspected, Myenergi BV reserves the right to:
    1. sample and request further details about the purchase from a participant. If the participant does not respond, Myenergi BV may decide to exclude him from this and future Myenergi BV promotions;
    2. block a participant and data provided by him from further participation in this and future Myenergi BV promotions;
    3. process the data for further research regarding past, current and future Myenergi BV actions;
    4. take any legal action against the participant;
    5. unjustly claimed cashbacks, as well as costs incurred by Myenergi BV for fraud and abuse investigations and for (legal) proceedings to be recovered from the participant;
    6. to do everything necessary to prevent and combat abuse and fraud.
    7. Myenergi BV reserves the right to change the action conditions in the interim or to terminate the action earlier. Myenergi BV will not be liable for any compensation or substitute action of any kind in the event of modification or termination.
  13. Myenergi BV is entitled to terminate participants' participation in the promotion at any time, without having to provide reasons for this decision and without any right or claim for the participant in question to compensation for damages, a replacement product or promotion in any form whatsoever.
  14. Myenergi BV, its engaged auxiliary persons and third parties cannot be held liable for any action and/or costs of the participant resulting from the action. Furthermore, Myenergi BV, and the auxiliary persons and third parties engaged by it cannot be held liable by (or on behalf of) the participant for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by or in any way related to this action, including the failure to provide the cashback amount or provide it on time.
  15. If the participant appreciates this, he has the opportunity within the registration/purchase procedure to indicate whether he wants to receive information and communications from Myenergi BV.
  16. Participation in the promotion by claiming a cashback is only possible with an (IBAN) bank account number of a bank branch established in the European Economic Area.
  17. To register the action model purchased, please refer to the registration form at
  18. Only registered purchases - using the online registration form - accompanied by a photo of the nameplate will be processed.
  19. In case the participant does not nazify or insufficiently complete the missing material within 10 days after online registration, the participation in the action will be forfeited, without any claim for compensation or substitute action in any form whatsoever.
  20. Incomplete submissions, incorrect submissions that do not meet the requirements as well as submissions after the deadline of August 30, 2024 will not be honored.
  21. By participating in this promotion and by submitting the documents and attachments, the participant agrees to these promotion terms and conditions and declares to have submitted the requested information correctly and truthfully.
  22. The participant will receive the cashback amount no later than 4 weeks after Myenergi BV has received and approved the online registration and photo.
  23. Products that have been returned to the selling party or have been taken back by the selling party out of goodwill are not eligible to participate in the promotion. However, if the participant has already submitted his application, he must return the cashback amount received to Myenergi BV in full and without deduction. For this, he can contact
  24. For the execution of this action, Myenergi BV uses the services of an executive company. This company is entitled to process the submitted documents and attachments and to view and process the data from these for this action and any other actions of Myenergi BV in the context of fraud research and prevention. Should questions arise or attachments are missing, this executive company may contact the participant about this.
  25. Questions and comments regarding this promotion or already submitted applications can be reported at the following email address: Myenergi BV will respond as soon as possible.