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Eddi - Reducing energy bills and emissions


As a renowned designer and manufacturer of renewable products, we continue to innovate and work towards a sustainable future. One product that helps us and many households along the way is eddi.

What is eddi and how does it work?

eddi is a device that uses the surplus energy from your solar panels and wind turbine to power somewhere else in your home or building. The intelligent system prevents energy you generate - but not yet use - from flowing back into the grid.
Surplus energy is diverted by eddi to a storage tank. This energy is then used to gradually heat the water in your home during the day. It can later be used for a hot shower. Eddi can additionally redirect energy to other places, such as your floor heating or heated towel racks.
Eddi is suitable for all seasons. On cold winter mornings, it can use your excess energy to heat your home. On warmer summer days, it can provide hot water in your shower.

Why eddi?

Anyone who uses solar panels or has their own wind turbine will recognize that not all the energy you generate is actually used. The surplus you generate now goes back to the grid. You can currently still receive compensation for this, but this is slowly being phased out. This makes it more advantageous to use your own energy. Moreover, this also allows you to reduce your emissions.
But how can you prevent energy from flowing back to the grid? With eddi. By installing eddi at home, you become less dependent on the grid. About 95% of the energy you use in your home can then come from your self-generated electricity. Without eddi, you would only use 27% of your self-generated power. Thus, it also significantly reduces your energy bill. Thanks to the convenient LCD display, you can also see how much you are saving.

How was eddi made?

As is often the case, we have our founder Lee to thank for this. With ten years of experience in the renewable industry and as a green tech and all-around engineer, Lee has always had a knack for taking things apart and seeing how things work. He develops his own ideas by seeing opportunities in the marketplace.
One day he figured out how ridiculous it really is that his solar panels generate energy while he is at work only to send it back to the grid. Every day after work, he took a shower. He figured there had to be a better way to do this without using energy from the grid. That's when he got the idea to divert energy to a storage tank for later use.
Lee started working on his idea and people loved it because it quickly recouped their investment.

What else can it do?

Eddi is extremely innovative. It works together with home batteries and other systems, such as zappi, our home charger for electric cars that uses your energy to charge your car. Eddi also works flawlessly with harvi and the myenergi app.

Why is this system called eddi?

The name eddi is derived from the English term eddy current. An eddy current is an electric current that is intentionally or unintentionally induced into a conductor in a magnetic field. Another meaning is a 'circular movement of water'. We found both connotations perfectly suited to our product. We switched the 'y' from eddy to an 'i' to fit our brand and we had found a name.

Learn more

For more technical information about eddi and how the system can help you reduce your energy bills, also check out our eddi product page.
Want to learn more about our other innovative green products? Feel free to contact us.