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Which electric cars are compatible with myenergi products?

Combining an electric car with myenergi products

We are proud to make renewable energy products and an EV home charger that works perfectly with a wide range of electric cars. Wondering if you can combine your electric car with myenergi products? Then read on.
With the government also providing more and more money to enable electric driving, the market is growing tremendously. More and more car manufacturers are developing new electric cars and selling them second-hand. An electric car's batteries are also being made smarter and smarter, making them increasingly sustainable. Thanks to new, innovative ways to charge your car, owning an electric car is becoming increasingly attractive and better for the environment. But how does such an electric car work together with smart charging technologies? We are happy to tell you more about how you can combine your electric car with myenergi products.


First, we'd like to tell you more about zappi, our smart EV charger. An EV charger is of course capable of charging your car at home with your own charging station, but our zappi can do even more than that. It works flawlessly with your own green energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines. Thanks to our unique technology, you can easily switch between your self-generated energy and energy from the grid. So you can always charge your electric car in the most economical way.
Even if you do not have your own energy sources, you can combine your electric car with myenergi products. Zappi then uses electricity from the grid to charge your car. Charging at home is often much cheaper than charging your car on the road.

Which electric cars can be combined with zappi? They include:

How does it work?

Our zappi is for sale with two different connectors: type 1 and type 2. That means almost any electric car can be combined with myenergi products and charged using zappi.
Zappi is additionally able to adapt its charging power to your electric car. It can also adapt to changes in the grid to save your money. For example, it can charge only when off-peak rates are in effect.
Can zappi be used for hybrid cars?
Standard hybrid cars are very similar to gasoline and diesel cars. The difference is in the engine. Hybrid cars have both a regular engine and an electric motor, which means there is no need to charge them. However, there are plug-in hybrid cars on the market (PHEVs) that have a more powerful battery. That battery can be charged by "plugging in" the car. These plug-in hybrid cars can be combined with our zappi charger.

Why does zappi have different charging modes?

With zappi, you can charge your car in three different ways:

  • Fast: In this mode, zappi prioritises charging time when using energy from your renewable energy source and the grid.
  • ECO: In this mode, zappi minimises the use of electricity from the grid and only consumes energy that is needed.
  • ECO+: In this mode, zappi detects when a surplus of your self-generated energy is delivered back to the grid and turns itself on to charge your electric car with that surplus.

Combining an electric car with myenergi products

Our green energy products zappi, harvi and eddi are all designed to work together flawlessly, making self-consumption of your green energy easy. By combining your electric car with myenergi products you can make optimal use of your self-generated energy.

  • Eddi is a smart energy diverter that you can use with your solar panels or wind turbines. It uses a surplus of energy to heat water or rooms. This way you prevent your surplus from going straight back into the grid.
  • Harvi can be used alongside zappi and eddi. It is a self-powered wireless sensor that measures how much energy is generated and how much goes back to the grid.
  • The myenergi hub works with all our products and you can use it to remotely manage and monitor your myenergi products.


Our future dream

At myenergi we dream of everyone being able to generate their own energy and use it at home. In doing so, we can save the planet and protect the future for generations to come. Combining an electric car with myenergi products is just the beginning of our journey and we can't wait to share future developments with you.