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Product Support Policy


At myenergi we believe our products should be ready for the future. That’s why our products can be updated, when connected to the internet.

As with all products, the feasibility of software updates is dependent on the compatibility of hardware components. As technology continues to evolve, the hardware will eventually reach a point where it is no longer possible to provide software updates.

This policy sets out how long you can expect to receive software updates for your myenergi device.

End of Support Policy for zappi, eddi, libbi and Hub.

Your products are designed to be connected to the internet and, when connected, they are able to receive the latest updates from myenergi. myenergi aims to provide major software updates for at least the period of your warranty, except in cases where your zappi, eddi, libbi or myenergi hub is not capable of receiving these updates.

Your zappi, eddi, libbi controller and Hub will also receive important security updates. myenergi aims to provide these for 5 years from the date of manufacture.

End of Support Policy for Mobile Applications

We constantly update our mobile applications to ensure we provide the best possible customer experience. Our mobile application requires the latest version of iOS for iPhone or Android OS for Android.

Apple Devices

Your device must be capable of supporting the latest version of iOS 15 or higher. For more information on if your phone is compatible, please see

Android Devices

Your Android Phone needs to be able to use Android 12 or higher. The myenergi app is only available on the Google Play store.

Product Support Policy 1.1.1