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eddi support

Most Common FAQs about eddi

The eddi monitors power imported from, and exported to the grid. Power generated by your PV or other microgen system that is normally exported is surplus power.

The eddi diverts this surplus power to the water/storage heater or other load upto 3.7kW, thus preventing it from being exported.

Surplus energy that is exported back to the grid can be as high as 80% of the total that is generated in the first place. The eddi can help you use up to 100% of your microgenerated energy, which is completely free!

The eddi allows you to store energy as hot water or heat even when you are out. Later on in the day you are able to use this free hot water in the home. Without the eddi you will be paying up to 15.0p per unit to heat your water. You may as well make the most of your own generated energy whilst it’s available.

eddi allows users to self-consume up to 100% of green energy, the eddi can save you up to £250 annually – more if you use electricity to heat your water and home! The higher the price you pay for your energy, be it electricity, gas or oil, the greater the savings will be from your eddi.

Absolutely, it’s always best to have myenergi products installed together. You can prioritise where the energy goes, eddi and zappi will work together to try and consume as much free energy as possible.

Varisine technology ensures that the power from the eddi is the same quality as that of the electricity that enters your property from the grid. This technology is the reason the eddi meets all CE product approval guidelines.

Careful consideration must be given when choosing a water heater, a cheaper control method, such as phase angle could save money on the the initial cost of the unit, however may end up costing you in the future. We recommend reading into the compliance of products.

Phase angle devices dealing with large loads (up to 3kW) causes unwanted harmonic currents to be injected into the power system. These can cause electrical and radio interference, overheating and damage to inverters and other electrical devices and equipment.

Utilising PWM (varisine) as its control method ensures the eddi is one of the only devices on the market that meets the legal requirements to comply with the limits for ‘harmonic current emissions’ and other important EMC standards.

You can still use an eddi if you have an electric microgen system and the following:

– Electric storage heaters (the eddi is compatible with Economy 7 & 10)
– Electric underfloor heating
– Space saving electric heaters
– Any other electrical resistive load up to 3.7kW with a mechanical thermostat